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Cholamandalam MS Risk Services Ltd., is a 50:50 joint venture between the INR 303 billion Murugappa Group and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group, Japan. With over 200 risk engineering experts, we are the largest employer of Environment, Health & Safety specialists in India and offer comprehensive risk management and engineering solutions.

With two decades of experience and over 8500 Environment and Sustainability projects, we are able to offer best in class, customized services to organizations to optimize their EHS performance, and set new benchmarks in safety performance.

We are also strengthened by our strategic partnership with Inogen, a global corporation providing multi-nationals with consistent and sustainable EHS and safety solutions worldwide. We are board member of Inogen and hold 5% stake.

We excel in providing a spectrum of services across the lifecycle of a project – from the conceptualization stage, to design, until decommissioning be it in Environment Management and Sustainability, Process Safety, Electrical Safety, Logistics Risk Consulting and Construction Safety. Since our inception we’ve had the experience gathered from across 42 sectors including Automobile, IT/Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizers, Chemical, Power Plants, Oil & Gas, Cements, Construction, Textile, Retail etc.

Chola MS Risk Services also offers EHS Training, Competency building and Assessment services through its Safety Academy. Besides offering Classroom based training for Corporate, it extensively uses the power of technology to run virtual classrooms, blended learning and online e-learning courses on a wide variety of subjects in risk engineering and safety

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28 Aug, 2015

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2 Decades Of Leadership in providing individuals and Institutions solutions for Safety and Risk Engineering

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