• LockOut Tag Out training module
    • It is one day interactive program
    • It is based on OSHA 29 CFR1910.147
Electrical Safety Training
  • Electrical Safety training discusses installation, maintenance and operation of electrical equipment so as to safeguard life or property involved
    • International standards,
    • National standards and
    • Good practices across industries.
Arc Flash Training
  • Arc Flash Training is based on IEEE 1584 Guide
    • What is Arc Flash and Causes
    • How it is calculated – Incident Energy
      • Data required for calculation
      • Tools required for calculation
    • Protection and mitigation required for the Arc Flash Incident Energy calculated.
    • Training and Maintenance requirements.
Lightning Protection
  • Lightning protection modules can follow any of IEC 62305 or NFPA 780
    • What is lightning – Myths and facts about lightning
    • Site specific data for lightning strikes
    • Data required for Risk Assessment
    • Calculate the risk or Probability of strike
      • Determine if Lightning Protection is required.
    • Devise a strategy of lightning protection suitable for ascertained risk.
Hazardous area Classification
  • Hazardous area Classification training follows IS 5571/5572 and International standards like NFPA 497/499 and IEC 60079-0/60079-10-1/60079-10-2
    • Classification of areas handling flammable liquids/gases/dust
    • Selection of Hazardous area electrical equipment based on the classification.
  • Thermography Course deals with
    • Basics of Thermography
      • Thermal Science
      • Heat transfer-thermodynamic perspective
    • Thermal imaging devices
      • Their working
      • Operation
    • Inspection techniques
      • Electrical Facilities
      • Buildings
      • Ammonia Tanks
      • Casting Facilities
    • Interpreting thermal images
      • Hotspot pattern identification
      • Report writing
Power Quality
  • Power Quality Training deals with
    • The importance of power Quality
    • The various sources of power Harmonics
    • The tools required and measurement of power quality
    • Interpreting the measured data
    • Choosing a Power Quality Filter

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