Forklift Training

Impart Safety Training to Forklift Operators & Evaluation with the following objectives:
  • To create safety awareness among Forklift operators with an aim to prevent accidents
  • To reduce transportation losses
  • To enhance productivity of the operators
  • To Evaluate the operators on safe operation of forklifts
Highlights of the program:
  • A blend of Counseling and Classroom Training.
  • Pre and Post Training Evaluation will be carried out for each participant
  • Extensive usage of Audio/Visual aids.
  • Evaluation shall be on class room training and on driving skill and hands on training
  • Passing criteria to be fixed at 80% (combined results of written tests and hands-on training)
  • Certificate of passing will be issued
  • If the operator does not score 80%, he will be provided with action plan for improvement
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