Air Quality Modeling and Management


Cholamandalam MS Risk Services provides comprehensive air quality services, from initial facility planning to source retirement. Our technical professionals have the experience in air quality regulations to successfully complete permitting and compliance for thermal power plants. We offer the following air quality modeling services for thermal power projects

  • Air quality prediction for upcoming and planned power projects for regulatory compliance demonstration
  • Adequacy of the stack heights will be assessed based on a detailed air quality modeling for various metrological conditions and suitable stack height or alternative mitigation measures will be suggested
  • Regional scale air quality impact assessment studies including ground level ozone modeling and ambient NOX compliance
  • Carrying capacity and bubble emission limits for a cluster of power plants will be established based on the complex air quality modeling studies

Our teams are conversant with USEPA approved air dispersion models such as AERMOD and ISCST3. On several occasions, our scientists have modeled fumigation scenarios for large industrial emission sources to establish the adequacy of the stack heights and bubble emission limits.

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