Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER)

Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER)

Ministry of Environment and Forest & Climate Change (MoEF & CC) had issued the guidelines on Corporate Environment Responsibility (CER) which requires every corporate companies seeking green clearance from MoEF to set aside up to 2% of its project capital investment under CER. The guidelines make it mandatory to set aside funds for CER over and above funds required for the environment management plan and other statutory requirements. Environment clearance given to a project may involve a situation where the concerned company is yet to make any net profit or is not covered under the CSR as per Companies Act 2013.

While brownfield (expansion) projects would be required to earmark 0.125% to 1% of additional capital investment for CER purposes, the slab for green field projects ranges from 0.25% to 2% of the capital investment.

  • Need Based Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER)
    • Business/project context
    • Stakeholder Interaction
    • Baseline Assessment
    • Budget Allocation
  • CER Implementation
    • Technical feasibility assessment
    • Setting Parameters
    • Setting Timelines / Budget
    • Stakeholder Interaction
    • Selecting Implementing agencies
    • Reporting
  • CER Compliance Audit
    • Recording Results
    • Compliance to the EC  & MoEF & CC Conditions


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