Covid-19 Risk Assessment E-tool

COVID - 19 Risk Assessment (E-Tool)

For Non-Health Care Facilities

User will be able to determine

• Activity Based Risk Assessment
• COVID-19 Control Band
• Possibility of Over-Crowding (not maintaing 6 feet distance)
• Adequacy of volumetric air flow rate into the assessed location
• Recommended controls to reduce the viral infectivity
Name of the person carrying out the Microbial Control Banding Risk Assessment :
Unit / Facility / Site / Building Name with Address :
Name or identity of the Location / room / space' being assessed :
Date of assessment :
Activity for which the assessment to be carried out :
Number of Individuals' involved in the specified 'location / Room / Space' at any single given point :
Floor Area of the Location / Room / Space being assessed' in ft2 :
Floor Area occupied by Equipments / Tables / Chairs etc' in ft2 :
Volumetric Air Flow Rate' in the specified work area in ft3/min :
'COVID-19 Potential Source Contact' Probability Details :
'COVID-19 Potential Viral Source' Exposure Time Period :
Microbial Control Band - RESULT :
Over Crowding - RESULT :
Maximum individuals recommended to occupy the specified Location/Room/Space - RESULT :
Required Volumetric Air Flow Rate to reduce viral Infectivity - RESULT :
Required Exposure Control - RESULT :
Source Control
Alley Control
Receiver Control
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Disclaimer: The above e-tool 'COVID-19 Risk Banding and Control Assessment' not to be construed as an industry standard and shall be used for research purpose. The e-tool has been developed based on research publications available at the end of June 2020. User of this e-tool shall make best of his knowldege and judgement to conclude on the results. No suggested method, practice, precaution or program set forth in this e-tool should be relied upon to establish a legal standard of conduct or a legal duty, the violation of which would constitute culpability of any degree in any legal proceeding.
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