Marine Environment Services

Marine Ecological Monitoring
  • Benthic Species – infauna and epifauna
  • Sediment grabs and sediment cores
  • Vegetation – algae and seagrasses
  • Plankton and Algal Bloom Studies
  • Water Bird Census
  • Reef Ecology
  • Underwater Surveys using SCUBA
Habitat Sensitivity Analysis

Evaluation of Diversity Indices

  • Identification of Endangered Species
  • Application of Statistical Tools for Evaluation of Habitat Sensitivity

Identification and Mapping of Sensitive Marine Areas

  • Remote Sensing and Ground Truthing of Ecologically Sensitive Marine Habitats
  • Mapping of Mangroves, Sand dunes, Seagrass beds and Coral reefs

Mangrove Management Plan

  • Consultancy Services for Mangrove Evaluation, Conservation and Restoration
  • Nursery Development
  • Technical know-how and Field support in afforestation

Comprehensive marine environmental impact assessment studies for following industries:

  • Dredging
  • Port Development
  • Power Plants
  • Cable and Pipelines
  • Oil and Gas companies
  • Other industries in Coastal region

Marine Outfall Dispersion Modeling and Ecological Impact Assessment Studies

  • Thermal Dispersion
  • Salinity Dispersion
  • Sediment Ingress
  • Dredging and Spoil Disposal
  • Oil spill modelling and Design of oil spill response plans
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