Fire Water Network Analysis

Fire Water Network Analysis
Objective :

The need for the fire water network analysis is to determine the water flow in each line and pressure in each node as per the standards.

About the Study :

The pipe distribution networks are the essential part of the fire water hydrant system. The optimal designing of the pipe network has a vital part in delivering water at required flow and pressure for fire fighting. However, there are some scenarios where outlet pressure is not sufficient for supplying the required demand. These cases may include unplanned system maintenance, fire pump failure, sudden leak or failure of any part of a large pipe distribution networks. The consequences can be severe if any fire accident happens during such failures. Hence, a robust and efficient fire water distribution network is a must to mitigate such failures. This can be accomplished by doing a pipeline network analysis using hydraulic network modelling software like KYPIPE 2008. Also, these failure scenarios can be simulated in the software model to assess the impact and suggest solutions to mitigate the same.

The NFPA, OISD and TAC standards requires that the hydraulic design of the pipe distribution network meet the required flow and pressure for a hydrant or a sprinkler system. The network analysis is done during the design stages of the system and before envisaging any alteration/ modifications of the pipe network. There are many accident case histories wherein the fire could not be put under control due to lack of the fire water supply because of failure of pipelines in the network. In addition, factors like pipeline corrosion and ageing of the water pipelines add to the cause of pressure loss and hence it is necessary to have robust and efficient fire water network.

Methodology :


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