Pre-commissioning Audit

Objectives of Pre-Commissioning Safety Audit are:
  • To assure the Company that HSE sensitive areas of the project have been identified in a systematic way
  • To ensure that the major projects, engineering and operational systems have been developed to control/ manage the identified risks.
Scope of Pre-Commissioning Safety Audit is:
  1. Verify that Pre-Commissioning has been satisfactorily completed
    • Status of implementation of HSE studies recommendations
    • Review of statutory approvals obtained
    • Commissioning of protective HSE devices, utility and support systems
    • Register of safety related devices
  2. Confirmation of competency of commissioning, maintenance and operational personnel and availability of procedures
    • Procedures related to startup, shutdown, normal operation, emergency shutdown, maintenance etc.
    • Emergency preparedness and procedures
    • Review the safety assessment and training requirements of the project and to suggest adequacy and compliance
  3. Confirmation on Adequacy of Preparations for Start Up
    • Operator’s HSE Management System
    • Procedures for testing of critical systems.
    • Conditioning, monitoring and maintenance procedure of critical equipment.
    • Site Hazards and Control Measures
    • Verify whether appropriate specialist reviews are carried out and their outcomes are being addressed satisfactorily prior to introduction of process materials
  4. Verification on Deviations from Design and its impact on HSE Performance
    • Review the drawings and relevant engineering/ project documents to verify whether engineering checks are available to minimize HSE risks
    • Project Modification Records
    • Hazard Review Process for changes identified in as built checks
  5. Instrumentation – Safety Interlock, Control and trip system etc.
  6. Electrical safety trip system, Interlocking, communication, earthing and bonding, tagging, lightning arrester and illumination.
  7. Implementation of following OH&S Elements
    • Organization and Administration of Safety, Health and Environment.
    • Hazard identification & control.
    • Fire fighting, Fire Alarm and fire protection system.
    • Incident Reporting, Investigation and Analysis.
    • Work Permit System
    • Training in OHS and Fire Fighting
    • Conformance to statutory requirements of OHS in terms of the provisions of the Factories Act/SMPV Rules/MSIHC Rules etc., as applicable
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