Emergency Response & Disaster Management Planning (ERDMP)

Emergency Response & Disaster Management Planning

Scope of the study involves the

  • Development of an onsite Emergency Preparedness Plan to control and avert any disaster scenario that could be anticipated at the facility and the consequence of human and property damage.
  • Identification of major hazards and Emergency Categorization – Inputs from existing QRA report will be taken.
  • Development of Emergency Management Structure (covering following key areas)
    • Resources Management (Emergency facilities) – Emergency Control Centre, Assembly Points, Emergency Escape routes, Emergency Communication, Medical facilities, etc.
    • Incident Management System – Emergency notification, Emergency Declaration, Control of Emergency, Role of key personnel, etc.
    • Roles of Site Controller, Incident Controller, Team leader, Team Members, etc.
    • Procedure to handle specialized emergencies such as Bomb threat, Confined space rescue, Chemical spill handling, Specific first-aid measures
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