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Sustainability has increasingly become an important aspect of a rapidly growing economic development. Sustainable use of resources while conserving the environment and energy is an essential component of “Sustainable Operations” of the organization. Achieving such goals in highly fluctuating markets and multidimensional societies such as Asia is further more challenging. Therefore a meticulously developed “Need Based Sustainability Management Plan (NBSM Plan)” is a critical component of our – “Ingredients of Success for an Assured Future” Program.
Being a NABET accredited environmental consulting organization for thermal power plants, cement plants, ports and harbour sector, petroleum refinery, petrochemical operations etc, Chola MS Risk Services has helped many corporate houses in developing strategic environmental management plans, corporate social responsibility programs and water management initiatives. Our 180 plus multidisciplinary environmental, safety, ecology and socioeconomic experts have been addressing various safety, environment, ecological, resource conservation and corporate social responsibility initiatives of our 1000 plus prestigious clients in India and the Middle East.
A QCI Accredited EIA Consulting Organization
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Level 1 Program
Our sustainability champions will undertake detailed reviews on the organizaon wide operaons and will interact with all leadership teams across the sites and operaons to establish stake-holders mapping for defining the scope of “Sustainability Frame of Work”.
For establishing a “Need Based Sustainability Frame of work” based on the cost benefit analysis methods various components such as environment, energy, occupaonal health, labour and workforce, contractors & vendors, people & community etc will be covered under the baseline studies.
A baseline strategic plan with an implementaon plan will be developed. Few work-shops with the leadership teams of the organizaon will be undertaken to conceptualize the “Strategic Document”
Level 2 Program
Having developed “Need Based Sustainability Frame of work”, we will partner with you in implemenng various
sustainability iniaves to meet the corporate specific goals and targets. Recognizing the social responsibility and idenficaon of stakeholders is a cardinal aspect of sustainability frame of work. We will undertake series of work-shops at various levels of the organizaonal funcons and also registered vendors and service providers to communicate effecvely the corporate sustainability objecves and goals. We will help in implemenng various sustainability programs such as “Human Rights”, “Fair Operang Pracces”, “Labour Pracces”, “Environmental Protecon and Conservaon including energy management”, “Stakeholders engagement” and “Community Development Programs under Corporate Social Responsibility as per Corporate Law 2014, Govt. of India”. Our ISO 26000 lead auditors and cerfied Global Reporng Iniave (GRI) praconers will help you in establishing the documents and reporng procedures.
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